Felbrigg stuff


Juvenile Common Cuckoo, Felbrigg NT, 18th July, 2014

Not in the same league as recent North Norfolk rarities, I grant you, but for ‘local patch’ birding this evening’s stuff at Felbrigg was of considerable interest. First I spotted a wader-like bird on the far side of the lake, turned out to be Common Sandpiper  – not just one but six! Then on the way back I flushed a young Cuckoo, which obligingly flew to the top of a nearby gorse bush. Felbrigg never ceases to surprise me, day after day the same stuff and then ‘bingo’!

Distant shot of six Common Sandpiper, the Lake, Felbrigg


More shots of the Cuckoo

IMG_6450 IMG_6475 IMG_6470

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