Same old, same old..

I went out this morning to look for the Pallas’s Warbler at Snipes Marsh Cley NWT. It was seen first thing and again, fleetingly, mid-morning but hadn’t showed itself by the time I gave up and went for lunch. Another day, another dip – same old, same old.. There was a nice Long-eared Owl and a Yellow-browed Warbler in near-by Walsey Hills though and the Grey Phalarope was on the pool at Eye Field – but skulking in the reeds when I went to see it.

First, a terrible digipic of probably the same Grey Phalarope, when it first appeared last Monday at Cley NWT, on Simmond’s Scrape, in the middle of a deluge


and now, todays offering, Yellow-browed Warbler and Long-eared Owl, both in Walsey Hills



Same old, same old they maybe but – ‘you gotta luv em!’

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