Surf – aced

Lately I’ve been having a pretty good run of ‘Norfolk ticks’ – yesterday it was the turn of Surf Scoter to get added. As has been the way of things recently I was out of the county when it first showed up but fortunately it decided to stick around, with a couple of Velvet Scoter, off-shore in Holkham bay. My timing wasn’t great, arriving three hours after the morning high tide, so the bird was very distant but, on the plus side, it was bright sunshine which meant that it’s distinctive black and white headed pattern and garish beak stood out well against the dark sea. No photo opportunities I’m afraid, unlike last years bird in Yorkshire, which was by comparison close.

It’s out there somewhere – honest!


Last year’s bird at Filey, on the Big Year – see Rarity Round-up, June 2013, for more


Also saw my first Snow Bunting of the autumn, by way of a bonus.

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