Little Bunting bonus


Grab-shot of Little Bunting, Snettisham, 26th April

We were on the final leg home of our Scottish sojourn when we decided to take a minor detour to try for the Little Bunting at Heacham Dam, Snettisham. A gentle stroll along the sea wall took us to the birds apparent favoured spot beneath a clump of Sea Buckthorn and after a twenty minute wait there it was, hopping about in the weeds. Often obscured, it did occasionally give good but rather brief views. A very well-marked individual providing a fitting end (well almost – we did go on to find a couple of Dotterel at Choseley) to ten days of outstanding British birding!

Another shot of this rather secretive little Bunting!


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One comment on “Little Bunting bonus

  1. Martin Coates says:

    Nice one – I have always struggled with this species, indeed I have only ever seen one and I walked along an uncompleted section of the M25 to see it!! Must be due another one but they seem to melt before my eyes..

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