Pacific Golden Plover


Pacific Golden Plover, Breydon Water, Norfolk

Popped over to Breydon Water yesterday evening to catch up with the Pacific Golden Plover, which has been hanging about there for the past few days. The tide was still out and the setting sun was directly in our eyes but we did eventually manage acceptable views, helped by the fact that there was only the PGP and a pair of Oystercatcher on the entire stretch of saltings! This was my second Pacific Golden Plover in Norfolk, my first being one on Buckenham Marshes, quite a few years ago – which, as I recall, also involved a evening excursion, only that time it was from Peterborough! It’s perhaps a little surprising but I still need it’s American cousin for my Norfolk List.

Post Script: The bird flew off west half an hour after we left and hasn’t been seen so far this morning!

Distant shot, but of the whole bird at least!


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