Keeled Over

Although it wasn’t ideal ‘dragon hunting’ weather this afternoon, I ventured out on to Beeston Common with Andy, in pursuit of Keeled Skimmer. This is a scarce dragonfly in Norfolk, found only at a handful of sites across the county. We hardly saw an insect for the first three quarters of an hour before finally, in a brief spell of sunshine, Andy spotted first a female and then a resting male. Another female appeared and disappeared almost as quickly. The pair stayed long enough to get reasonable record shots. Towards the end of our afternoon session we saw a very obliging  male Emperor at rest.

Talking to Francis Farrow, volunteer guardian of the Common, he said that the Keeled Skimmer were definitely approaching the end of their season. This was a new dragonfly species for me, so I was pleased to see them before they keeled over!

Male, Keeled Skimmer



Female Keeled Skimmer


Male Emperor


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