Australian Wildlife Miscellany

Over the past few weeks we’ve seen a nice mixture of Australian wildlife. Here are a few photos of some of the stuff we’ve seen on our travels in New South Wales and Victoria, starting with the mammals..

Tasmanian Pademelon




Bennett’s Wallaby – white form


One of the undoubted highlights was to come across a Platypus, swimming in a Tasmanian mountain stream, in the middle of the day! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to obtain anything other than a poor grab shot..


We only came across a couple of snakes, unfortunately. This is Lowland Copperhead – described in the text as ‘extremely venomous’!


Some of the fabulous birdlife, which probably didn’t get the attention it deserved whilst in the pursuit of my 500th species for Australia. This is the very eye-catching New Holland Honeyeater


Hooded Plover, a rarity Рonly found on the remote beaches of Victoria and Tasmania 


This wasn’t a ‘parrot trip’ – so this Blue-winged was a welcome bonus


Pink Robin, a bird of the dense rainforest


and to finish, a nice male Satin Flycatcher. Reasonably common but stunning nonetheless


We’re finishing our four week family holiday in Australia with a trip-list of just short of 260 species, including 15 Australian ‘Life ticks’. This is a great country for wildlife in general and birds in particular. What makes it particularly special is that practically everyone you meet is keen to share their knowledge – without their kind assistance I certainly wouldn’t have reached 500 species on this trip. With grateful thanks.. we’ll be back for more!

Next post will be from Thailand.

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