Isabelline ‘in the bag’


Record shot – Isabelline Wheatear, Gun Hill

Having been denied the opportunity, through a conspiracy of commitments, to get up to Yorkshire to see the Siberian Accentor and the ‘supporting cast’ of Isabelline Wheatear, I was delighted this morning to read a pager message announcing the presence of another Isabelline Wheatear, this time on the Norfolk coast! By the time I’d gathered the family together and got down to the start of the Gun Hill track, a couple of hours had elapsed. However, I needn’t have stressed, as the bird was showing well immediately on arrival. There was a regular Wheatear close-by, to emphasise the differences, and a nice Pallas’s Warbler in a nearby bush to provide additional interest. A nice bird, a UK and a Norfolk tick to-boot.

Pallas’s Warbler – providing additional interest


‘regular’ Wheatear, providing a helpful comparison of id features


Another few record shots of the ‘star bird’, showing some of the key identification points: thick black tail band, upright stance, dark lores, plain wing coverts contrasting with black alula and overall greyish buff colouration

img_7346 img_7405 img_7391img_7437

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  1. […] Yesterday was taken up with a conservation work-party in the village – some really good work done by everyone! This morning I yielded to the temptation of a local ‘twitch’ to Gun Hill to see an Isabelline Wheatear – a rare visitor from Eastern Europe and Asia. For more details follow this link. […]

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