Brolga breeding bonus

Close encounters of the Brolga kind

The highlight of our trip to the Western Treatment Plant yesterday was the close encounters with Brolga. We’ve seen these magnificent cranes at WTP before, on a couple of occasions, but never at such close-quarters. We first came across four adults on a narrow pond between two tracks – affording great views. Later we saw them fly off inland. On our final drive around ‘T-section’ an adult stepped out from the tall grass right in front of the car, quickly followed by another and then.. a youngster! Presumably a locally bred bird.

Crossing the road – record shot through the windscreen
Baby Brolga

On our walk this morning a late addition to the trip list, a Goldfinch!

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One comment on “Brolga breeding bonus

  1. Martin Coates says:

    What a great trip much enjoyed at this end too whilst we struggle to even get in to Europe these days! Looking forward to further middle of the night ‘pings’ Martim

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