Local birding around Centauria Lake

An addition to the trip list – Indian Stone-curlew

Having overcome the slight difficulties with the internet these past few days I thought I’d try and get ahead of the game by posting today’s blog early. After the whale watch and lunch we drove a couple of hours to the nicely appointed Centauria Lake hotel. The afternoon birding session was an informal / unguided affair when we followed our nose out of the hotel grounds and down to the edge of the lake. On a bit of ‘waste ground’, forming a small outflow, we had some tremendous birding. I was drawn to explore the area by the presence of a couple of waders – turned out to be Lesser Sand-plover. Then I flushed a couple of Indian Stone-curlew – we eventually saw about a dozen – which was a trip tick. The longer we stayed looking the more we found. Here are a few photos of some of the stuff we saw.

Lesser Sand-plover – the bird that first drew my attention to the rough ground below the lake. Just fabulous
Indian Robin – not at all rare, but nice all the same
The area seemed to be a pre-roost for Western Yellow Wagtail. we estimate that there may have been several hundred
Another relatively common species – Yellow- wattled Lapwing
One left over from this morning – in the centre of the roosting birds, with red legs – a White-winged Tern
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