Sea-watch supplement

Fifteen of our 70 sea-watching Garganey with three Shoveler in tow

The weather here in Spain has continued to be miserable – cold, wet and windy. Nether-the-less we did mange a brief outing to the local castle at Palafolls, where we added a few species, including Peregrine and Crag Martin. Yesterday was Jane’s BIG Birthday, so we indulged ourselves in a day of tourism – visiting Casa Dali at the picturesque sea-side town of Cadaques. Hence, the only real birding I’ve managed has been a couple more hours sea-watching from my indoor ‘hide’ of Joe & Gabi’s penthouse apartment. Generally it’s been quiet but I did manage a ‘sea-watching first’ with a fly-by Audouin’s Gull, several more impressive flocks of Garganey, I estimate 70 birds in total, and three Shoveler, tagged on to the back of one of the groups. Today, in a brief weather-window, we head off to the plains of Zaragoza for a bit of larking about.

My fly-by Audouin’s Gull – a sea-watching ‘first’
Interior of Casa Dali.He kept the swans as pets and had them stuffed when they died
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