Out and about – birds seen away from the reserves

The focus of our birding was obviously in the national parks which formed the centrepiece of our recent trip to India – Ranthambhore, Bharatpur and Sultanpur. But in our ‘down-time’ we were able to bird a number of locations near our hotels or on route. As always we found interesting birds in the most inauspicious places. In the rubbish-filled ditches, down builders tracks, from railway carriages, in lay-bys near busy road junctions, on ‘cricket pitches’ and in any neglected places – there were birds to be seen and additions for our trip list!

Our second hotel at Bharatpur was ideally situated to take in the local wildlife
Down a near-by builders track a wealth of birds awaited discovery – including this Yellow-eyed Babbler
This elegant Tawny Pipit
the more familiar Wryneck
Chestnut-shouldered Petronia. Previously called Yellow-throated Sparrow – a field-mark just visible in this shot
..and several Green Bee-eater
In the hotel grounds our only sunbird – this is Purple
..and Brahminy Starling
On scrubby ground in front of our Ranthambhore hotel we found Indian Bushlark
and the not dissimilar Paddyfield Pipit
In near-by undergrowth, Black Redstart – the red-bellied eastern race
One of our best excursions was along a canal bank – great for a range of farmland and wetland species – and providing interest for the local labourers
Bank Myna, mixed in profusion with weavers, wagtails and babblers
Striated Babbler – a reed-bed specialist
This site produced our only Grey-headed Lapwing – record shot
Close-ups of Purple Swamphen (Asian)
and stunning views of Ruddy-breasted Crake
At a busy road junction we attracted quite a crowd – here Mohan our guide shares his binoculars with the locals
Meanwhile the rest of the group are enjoying good views of waders, waterbirds and wagtails – this is Citrine Wagtail
In the palace gardens at our Chambal River cruise lunch-time stop we had a good selection of birds – including Eastern Orphean Warbler
..and, of course, the default phyllos species – Greenish Warbler

Our lunch-time stop in a very birdy spot – what’s not to like about birding in India!

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