Day 7 – Three scarce plovers

Perhaps the most striking of this morning’s three plovers – this is Snowy

Continuing with yesterday’s theme of shorebirds we headed for Sanibel Island, but not before a spell of pre-breakfast birding at the local site of Lakes Park. Highlights here included Least Bittern, American Coot, Pied-billed Grebe and.. Egyptian Goose! A small taste of home and an America tick to boot. Sanibel Island is still recovering from the hurricane and the Ding-darling reserve has only recently reopened. The birding along the five mile drive was OK but not exceptional – top birds were probably Indigo Bunting, Roseate Spoonbill and a mixed wader flock, containing several Dunlin. With no access to the interesting beach areas on the island we decided to cut our losses and return to Fort Myers beach – a little further south than yesterday. Here we came up trumps, with reasonable views of a variety of waders including three scarce plovers – Piping, Snowy and Wilson’s. Acting on a tip-off from a lady we met in the park this morning, we did a late afternoon / early evening session at Six Mile Cypress Slough. Steady at first, we saw a few interesting birds along the trail, before heading back to the carpark. Then we had a mad moment as a wave of birds, including several warbler and flycatcher species swept through the parking lot. Ovenbird, Northern Parula and Black-throated Green Warbler, with Tufted Titmouse and Hairy Woodpecker were all identified – the others got away!

The largest of the three – Wilson’s Plover. Seen here with Western Sandpiper
Scarcest of the three – Piping Plover (world population less than 10k) – record shot only
Prize for the most handsome goes to this Roseate Spoonbill – seen on the Indigo Trail, Ding-Darling
Tonight’s ‘warbler wave’ included this striking Black-throated Green
and last but by no means least – Egyptian Goose – an American ‘tick’
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