Day 30 – back to the Atlantic

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker – a trip tick – helping avoid a ‘dot day’

We’ve finally arrived back on the Atlantic coast – after last seeing it at the Outer Banks, North Carolina – stopping first at Old Orchard Beach, before moving north over the next week through Maine to the furthest north east point of USA, and the border with New Brunswick, Canada. Yesterday was a repeat of the previous two, with a fairly long travelling day broken up by regular birding stops. Our first stop, at 3500ft, was Woodford State Park which unfortunately was closed (to vehicles) so we walked along the entrance track. We ensured it wasn’t going to be a ‘dot day’ by quickly adding Purple Finch around the park buildings – followed by a nice selection of other forest species, including: Blackburnian Warbler, Red-throated Vireo and another trip tick – Yellow-bellied Sapsucker. Coffee was taken at the delightful ‘alpine’ town of Wilmington before our final stop at the McLane Audubon Centre where we again saw some nice birds and added several State ticks. Speaking of which, the day started in New York State, then we travelled through Vermont, and New Hampshire before arriving in Maine – as a consequence our State list average has, not surprisingly, dropped considerably. Today is Global Birding Day – so we’ll be doing our bit to support the cause and, as it happens, getting our Maine State list off to a flying start.

Red-eyed Vireo – a nice selection of birds on yesterday’s route
We saw snake and Chipmunk at McLane Audubon Centre
Creamery Bridge – one of the famous Vermont covered bridges
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