Day 39 – GABRaT ll comes to and end

The gang on a final bird walk around Marble Head Neck Audubon sanctuary, before heading to Boston airport for our night flight

It’s time for our journey back to the UK, after an amazing few weeks travelling from southern Florida to the north-east tip of Maine – a total distance of 5414 miles – following the Spring bird migration. We were joined along the way by old friends Bob & Sue, Andy, Phil & Carolyn and Neil & Nicola, saw some great birds and made many happy memories. We’re still checking the lists but it looks like we got pretty close the 300 mark, with 30 new species for America. Not too shabby. Today we did manage to squeeze in a couple of hours birding at two small reserves along the coast, north of Boston. Nothing outstanding but we did see some old familiar friends – a dozen warbler species, vireos, waxwing and more. The only contender for ‘new bird’ were several very dark looking juvenile gulls – American Herring Gull perhaps? After some pretty lengthy delays getting into the airport we are happily checked in, the flight is supposedly on time and we should be back in the UK tomorrow – home to Norfolk, fingers crossed, by the evening. I’ll do a finally round up of the trip when I’m back – signing off for now.

White-crowned Sparrow – always remind me of New Year 2008, Cley
Only contender for a new bird today was this dark-looking juvenile gull – American Herring Gull perhaps?
Finally, a frog with a drawing pin in it’s neck!
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One comment on “Day 39 – GABRaT ll comes to and end

  1. Carol says:

    It has been great following your adventure enviously every day. Thank you!

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