Day 38 – Phalarope finale

Wilson’s Phalarope at Parker River NWR was definitely not on our radar – record shot in the pouring rain

The morning was taken up with a drive of nearly 250 miles from our Baxter State Park base at East Millinocket to Parker River NWR – rendezvous point with Andy’s friends Lisa & Mike from Boston. It started to spit on our approach to Parker River and by the time we’d entered the park it was a steady drizzle. In the circumstances it’s remarkable that we saw any birds at all but whilst waiting for Mike & Lisa to arrive we did manage to see a couple of sparrows on the nearby salt marsh – turned out to be Saltmarsh Sparrow! Solitary & secretive, they nest along the narrow coastal strip of New England – first seen on the Outer Banks. We headed off with our hosts to explore the rest of the reserve but, in the worsening weather, eventually decided to abandon the idea and retreat to a local cafe for tea and cake. After a hour or so of fascinating conversation we said our farewells and, more in hope than expectation, decided to give the shore birds one last go. On arrival at the Salt Pannes there was only a handful of waders visible. A quick scan resulted in an involuntary expletive from me ‘……. not a dot day!’ – a Wilson’s Phalarope was busy ‘spinning’ on a nearby pool! It flew about, being harassed by the other waders, before joining its partner and eventually flying off in to the gloom. A remarkable end to a generally dismal day – made much better by the engaging company and the final Phalarope finale. Tomorrow we head for the airport, with one last morning birding session before we go – the end of our incredible Great American Birding Road Trip ll.

Saltmarsh Sparrow in the pouring rain – much better views than on the Outer Banks
Our engaging hosts Mike & Lisa, with tea and cake, as the rain poured down outside
A summer plumage Willet in the pouring rain
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