Over the sea to….Ireland!

Woke up this morning to another glorious sunny day – oh and my back and belly covered in little red bites! That’s all I need, another free-loader, hitching a ride! Anyway, to more pressing business – what are we up to today? First off there is a shorter than planned ‘spin’ into Craigryan – just 20k, but it does include a 600ft climb apparently. Then on the ferry to Belfast and a pleasant afternoons ride through the Irish countryside, along the shores of Strangford Lough to Portaferry. Total distance for today, a modest 75k. See routes details below.

A week down, one country done and 700ks under our belt, with just over another 1000 to go!

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One comment on “Over the sea to….Ireland!

  1. Sheila A Smith says:

    Hi Trevor & Bryan
    Really enjoying your daily blogs – informative & amusing. Love the pictures too.
    Hope the weather stays kind and your bites heal soon.
    Sheila & Victor

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