Night walk…nightmare!

On Thursday we decided to do the waterfall trail, which we’d abandoned earlier in the week because of the rain. A short ride to the beginning of the trail gave us some new birds including a rare White-necked Hawk. We set off on the 2.4k  forest walk to the falls but 10k and several trails later we still hadn’t found it! We didn’t see many birds either – well ones we could identify that is, but we did see a splendid Three-toed Sloth, lazing in the canopy.

We returned to the Lodge for lunch and a bit of R&R before another walk round the wetlands followed by the much anticipated Giant Snipe excursion at dusk and the Owl night walk after supper. The Giant Snipe proved tricky – calling occasionally in a rough meadow near the Lodge but they never showed themselves – oh well, there was always the owls later on. Supper over, we headed off in high expectation – after all Alan had been out a few nights before and photographed three species and heard several more! Two hours later, having only heard a couple of distant  calls, we returned bowed but not broken!

Yesterday made up for it though – another day in the company of ‘super guide’ Adilei. We visited a number of local sites and saw about 80 species – thirty of which were new. Fantastic stuff.

Staying local today, before heading off to Argentina tomorrow.

Speed of the internet means only a couple of photos again I’m afraid! I’ll make it up to you I promise!

Black-cheeked Gnateater

Male, Blue Manikin


Red-necked Tanager






Grey-headed Attila



Saw-billed Hermit

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