They don’t call it rain forest for nothing…

After a fabulous day yesterday today it’s wet – very, very wet! It started raining just after tea and it’s not stopped since, in fact today’s planned walk to the waterfalls has been rendered unnecessary, since we’ve got our own waterfall just outside our bedroom window!

But yesterday, now that was a day! Up for a 5.30 breakfast and then a two hour drive to Macae de Cima and the David  Miller’s orchid reserve, in the company of Alan and guide Adilei. A slow walk up the track, stopping every 50ft for a new bird, with lunch at the house in front of the humming bird feeders, and a leisurely stroll back – pretty near perfect! The days tally of nearly 90 species included several ‘A’ listers, Swallow-tailed Cotinga, Hooded Berryeater, Giant Antshrike and Plovercrest. On both the drive up and back we called in at the Banana stall, on the Nova Friburgo road, to be dazzled by the array of Tanagers and Euphonia feeding on the fruit put out for the birds by the owner.


Green-headed Tanager. Sorry for the lack of photos – very slow internet connection!

Yesterday we paddled our way around the Lodge. Saw some new species but got rather cold and wet.

Today we’re off to do the waterfall trail.


2 comments on “They don’t call it rain forest for nothing…

  1. JT says:

    Loved the Green Headed Tanger ! I see the birds have to work for food ! The nail i thought was a bit over the top. Justto get the shot !

    • Martin Coates says:

      So nearly as wet as here then! You left just in time. I just got the last of 60 bbq meals off the grill on Sunday before the heavans opened for 24hrs. Tanager definitely makes my first Redwing of the autumn look a bit tame!

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