Day 13 – after the storm

P1120382 2

Driving conditions during todays thunderstorm

We had tremendous thunderstorms this afternoon travelling back from Lost Maples State Natural Area, our first birding stop of the day. We had an interesting walk up the canyon but saw nothing different from South Llano. After the rain we did managed to get out around the campsite and had some excellent birding, including three new species. Tomorrow we’re heading 350 miles west to Big Bend and hopefully a hat full of new birds and some pretty special scenery.

After yesterdays two female Lazuli Bunting, it was good to find a male in our own ‘back yard’ this afternoon


Ringed Kingfisher on the River Frio, behind our cabin (photo courtesy of Jake)


We seen several species of snake since we started our trip, though we’ve only managed to positively identify Rat Snake and this, possible, Water Moccasin  – one of the more deadly species


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