Birder’s paradise

We departed on our Big World Birding Adventure (BWBA) from Heathrow on Saturday. Three flights and twenty four hours later and we’re in the fabulous reserve of Guapi Assu Bird Lodge , Brazil. Our first flight was delayed by over an hour, which meant we had less than an hour to make the change at Madrid – which we managed with just a few minutes to spare. The long night flight to Sao Paulo was relatively comfortable and uneventful, with ample time to make the early morning connection to Rio de Janeiro . The short flight meant we were all set to make the Lodge by lunch time. We landed at Rio city ‘domestic’ airport, having enjoyed an ariel circular tour of this fantastic city, were quickly through arrivals and could see our driver waiting to whisk us away, when disaster struck! The small luggage conveyor belt leapt into action – one, two,three bags…but where was the fourth? No bag for Jane! We finally took delivery of it 30 anxious hours later – having contemplated what it would have meant to do the three month trip with no luggage. Anyway all’s well that ends well, with the only other mishap being me managing to break my Kindle!

Twenty four hours  later and we’ve manage to clock up 104 species, most of which have been ‘self-found’. The grounds of the Lodge are a haven for wildlife, with half a dozen species of Hummingbird in the garden and the adjacent wetlands supporting a bewildering variety of species. Some scenes along the way..

Three of the four intrepid travellers toasting our departure at Heathrow with Champagne out of plastic cups!

Is it a bird or is it a stick? – one of the very first ‘life ticks’ seen soon after arriving at The Lodge. A Common Potoo.


Rufous-tailed Jacamar, another ‘tick’,  and sunset on our first day at Guapi Assu.

Sorry there’s no more pictures but the WiFi is beginning to struggle!

After a rather anxious start we’re steadily  getting into our stride. Off up the hills today to get some more ‘hummers”

Bye for now.

2 comments on “Birder’s paradise

  1. Maureen Bancroft says:

    Good luck Trevor and Co for your next adventure. Looking forward to the blog and pics. Hope you get your KIndle sorted. Best Wishes Maureen Bancroft

  2. Bry says:

    Good to hear from you. Keep blogging and take care. Love X

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