Off to Ushuaia..

It’s Friday and we’re up early to drive to Trelew airport for our flight to Ushuaia ( the ‘h’ is silent!). We’ll be there for four nights and I’m not sure about the internet facilities, so the next time you hear from us may well be when we’re in Peru. In the meantime we’re hoping for more cold weather species – albatross, penguins and a very special woodpecker…

All for now, blog later.

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One comment on “Off to Ushuaia..

  1. Martin Coates says:

    I could indeed weep over a Dolphin Gull but penguins and petrels alone were enough actually! Still off to see a Spotted Eagle nr Alicante on Friday – it arrived this morning (the wonders of a radio transmitter). Doesn’t quite compare does it!

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