Ecuador photo gallery

Fingers crossed…a few pics from Ecuador.

Bob and Sue admiring the Equator monument, just outside Quito. Odd to think that home, near Peterborough, is at 0 degrees longitude.

Bob and Jane with our guide Andrea, deep in the equatorial rainforest, looking for birds…

and speaking of which, a Giant Antpitta…’called up’ by another guide who knew all these birds by name!

A Turquoise Jay in the grounds of Bellavista Rain Forest Lodge

An absolutely stunning Collared Aracari

Another one of those ‘hummers’….Sparkling Violetear I think

Russet-crowned Warbler….nice

A brown hummer – fewer of them and therefore easier to identify, this one is Tawny-bellied Hermit

Orange-bellied Euphonia…trying to steal a nailed down banana

Our ‘apartments’ at Bellavista (that’s Bob looking through the bars!)

…and finally something for you to chew on, a Giant Earthworm – just like ours only bigger…MUCH bigger!

If the internet holds up, more ‘catch-up’ pics to come. Bye for now….

One comment on “Ecuador photo gallery

  1. Anthea Wray says:

    A MAY————ZING!!!!!!!!!

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