First taste of Thailand

Monday 3rd Dec., early morning, Neil & Eunice’s apartment. Spent the day yesterday acclimatising – it’s pretty hot and reasonably humid here, but not unpleasant. Domestic morning catching up on e-mails, Christmas/wedding planning (Joe & Gabi’s wedding blessing actually) and washing. Went out birding in the afternoon to a couple of sites south of Bangkok around Bang Poo, coastal mangrove, fish ponds and wetlands. Excellent locations but under imminent threat of development – the story of wetlands across the world I guess. Saw about 60 species, mostly new stuff but with a bit of overlap with Australia and Britain – weird!  In the evening went to a local restaurant for some lovely authentic cuisine  – £30 for six, drinks included. No wonder Thailand is such a popular holiday destination.

Just a few bird pics as a warm up. Eastern Black-tailed Godwit with Black-winged Stilt


Golden-bellied Gerygone


A quarrelsome group of White-vented Myna


Asian Openbill flying to roost


Sunset over…an Oriental Reed Warbler!


Touristy things today – trip to the Grand Palace et al so a few ‘holiday snaps’ in due course!

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