Second helpings

Last Sunday afternoon a Roller was found at Horsey, possibly the same individual seen earlier at Holt in June or, more unlikely, another bird. Anyway, hoping for better photos than I managed last time, we set off on Thursday afternoon to find it. The good news was that it was still frequenting the coastal meadows at the end of the Nelson’s track, the bad news was that it was a ‘million miles’ away in strong heat haze…oh well! The resulting photos:


and a shot showing the turquoise under-wing


Just over the dunes there was a small group of Atlantic Grey Seals hauled up on the beach



Breaking News... Birdguides has just published their weekly review, including another digipic of mine, the third in as many weeks! Photos of the three species concerned, Two-barred Crossbill, Baird’s Sandpiper and Blue-winged Teal, are all featured in this blog.

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