The 2013 List…

In my recent blog ‘301 – and still counting’ I promised to publish the list of all the birds I’d seen in the UK in 2013, providing basic details for all scarce and rare species. To do this I’m using a recently created web-based programme which allows you to compile, keep and share your numerous bird lists quickly and simply – just like filling in a traditional ‘pencil and paper’ check list. But BirdLists does much more – using ‘authorised lists’ for each country/region/continent, it helps you build your various local, county and country sightings into a single interactive database. It lets you make notes beside each of your records, keeps count for you and let’s you share your lists – if you choose to do so – with friends, clubs or the general public. Future developments include adding a photo gallery and the ability to compile ‘grip lists’. Try it for free, whilst it’s still being developed, by creating an account at An ideal way to start off your 2014 birding year!

You can see my BirdLists 2013 Year List at

We’re off tomorrow for a winter break, visiting family and friends in Australia and Thailand, so a very happy and prosperous New Year to all of you out there and make sure you ‘stay tuned’ for some more exciting travel adventures and accompanying eclectic mix of pics!

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