Mangrove Miscellany

Burrum Heads, where our rather splendid holiday house is located, sits at the mouth of the Burrum river with it’s shoreline edged with mangrove. This unique environment has it’s own particular bird life and over the past week we’ve managed to find most of it.

The Burrum estuary, with watchful Brahminy Kite


The mangrove


First of the mangrove specialities – Mangrove Gerygone


Mangrove Honeyeater


Fairy Gerygone – not exclusively a mangrove dweller


Shining Flycatcher on the other hand certainly is. This elusive female was no compensation for the ‘eye-balling’ views we had of a male on the very day I forgot to put a card in my camera!


Little Shrike-thrush – another elusive species


Not a mangrove dweller particularly but Red-backed Fairy-Wren is always nice to see


Finally, Dollar Bird, a summer migrant which is well distributed – we just happened to see this one near the mangrove!


Three ‘life’ ticks in the mangrove – rather more mosquito bites!

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