BBBQ – right on cue

Inskip Point, Queensland, is apparently the place to ‘tick up’ the elusive and very restricted Black-breasted Button-Quail (BBBQ). As luck would have it, by the time we’d finished visiting Jane’s aunty & uncle and taken the kids to see the interesting Historical and Gold Mining museum in Gympie, we had just enough time to drive to the Point in search of the little critter. ‘Just go to the car park and walk to the Fraser Island jetty’ was the advice we’d been given – which we duly followed. Nothing on the track out to the jetty but then, on the return leg I flushed a quail sp. off the track and into the undergrowth. Convinced that this was our target, and despite the ravenous mosquitos, we search about until we’d all seen the female BBBQ well. Unfortunately the same could not be said for the photos, here is the best of a bad lot:



BBBQ safely UTB!

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One comment on “BBBQ – right on cue

  1. Zac Peetsma says:

    Well you still got to see the bird and that’s what counts.

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