American ‘Goldie’

All three Golden Plover sp. – European, Pacific & American on the Norfolk Year List! By the time we’d got back from Norwich this morning, the identity of the ‘Golden Plover’ at Breydon had been firmed up as American. A hasty lunch and we were off. To our amazement there was no-one actually watching the bird by the time we arrived at the site. If it hadn’t been for the guy in the car park, who told us it was with the Lapwing flock, we may never have found it, as it departed fifteen minutes after we got back to the car. The bird was reasonably close (well, by Breydon Water standards that is!) and, in the constant drizzle, gave prolonged views. Good enough at least to see the overall structure – long primary projection, and plumage detail – bold/broad ‘super’, dark cap & ear coverts, pale nape patch and greyish mantle.

DSC00434 (1)

American Golden Plover, juvenile – Breydon Water

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