Day 22 – More Canyon Capers


Probable ‘bird of the day’ was Flame-coloured Tanager, but it was a close-run thing

We spent six happy hours in the Nature Conservancy reserve of Ramsey Canyon today, one of the hottest birding spots in the Sierra Vista area. After paying our entrance fees, the volunteer ‘meeter & greeter’ told us about two rare birds currently on the reserve – Tufted Flycatcher and Flame-coloured Tanager. We paid insufficient attention to the ‘briefing’ and, as a consequence, strode off in the general direction but without any specific details of the birds whereabouts. As it happens we found one site by accident and got taken to the other by some friendly passing birders. We eventually connected with both the flycatcher and the tanager – both until recently ‘level 5’ rarities, and saw a good supporting cast of other canyon specialities. Our afternoon birding got off to a late start due to having to replace our navigational equipment, after a slight mishap. We did a walk in Hunter Canyon but came away with only one new species, Olive-sided Flycatcher, as our prize.

Grab-shot of nesting Tufted Flycatcher


Finally, after scrambling up a near-vertical hillside – ‘eyes on’ an Elegant Trogon


Along the trail, better views of Red-faced Warbler 


and improved views of Painted Redstart


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