Day 43 – Another transition day


Grab-shot of Yellow-billed Magpie, seen near Colusa – presumably at the very northern edge of it’s restricted range. A real bonus

We dropped Bob & Sue at their airport hotel in San Fransisco mid-morning and then headed for Weed, our over-night stop, three hundred miles north and close to the Oregon border. We broke the journey at a couple of excellent National Wildlife Refuges, Colusa and Delevan. Both were auto-routes around tracts of riparian woods, reed beds and shallow pools – situated in an area of intensive agriculture, mostly rice paddies. This wasn’t planned birding but we did, nevertheless, produce a ‘trip tick’, in the form of Ring-necked Pheasant, along with a good supporting cast which included American Bittern, Northern Harrier, Wild Turkey, Cinnamon Teal, Black Tern & Wood Duck. The weather deteriorated as the day went on and by mid-afternoon it was pouring down – that put paid to any birding once we arrived at the motel. Let’s hope for better things tomorrow.

In the meantime, Bob & Sue, thanks for your company over the last four weeks – your continuous optimism and enthusiasm has kept us going and you’ve certainly found your fair-share of the birds – we’ll miss you. Safe travels.

Maintaining  our near perfect record of a new bird each day – todays offering is a bit ‘naff’ but welcome nonetheless – Ring-necked Pheasant


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