Night birds

During the course of our recent two week trip to India we came across a few night birds – all of them roosting-up during daylight hours. Most were known ‘stake-outs’ and I’m sure, with a bit more pre-planning, we could have added to the list – but what we did see gave that tingling feeling that only this group of birds can give when seen in favourable conditions.

Spotted Owlet were common – we managed to see them in multiple locations, including in front of our hotel in Bharatpur
We stumbled into this Brown Fish Owl close to our tiger site
Eventually confirmed as Grey Nightjar, this was a complete jam-in on our way out of Ranthambhore NP at closing time
The rick-shaw ‘boys’ passed this Collared Scops Owl roost, close to the main path, several times a day
Despite their size – over half a metre tall – these Dusky Eagle Owl were difficult to locate in their shady roosting sites
Last of our night-time species – this Indian Nightjar sat obligingly on a tree close to the main path in Bharatpur
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