Day 47 – Cranes to Cascades


I rarely mention accommodation, except in passing, in this blog but I make an exception regarding our motel for the past two days – Aspen Inn, Fort Klamath. Run by a delightful couple, Heidi & Shannon, who immediately make you feel right at home. The rooms are large, comfortable and well equipped. The grounds are well-kept and colourful with several bird feeders. Heidi is keen on birds and eager to share her local knowledge. If you are birding in the Crater Lake / Upper Klamath Basin area, you couldn’t do better than book in here. Thanks Heidi for the specific information regarding Sandhill Crane this morning – it was spot on and saved us a lot of hassle!

Bird of the Day – Sandhill Crane. Seen just down the road from the Aspen Inn and not seen again during an extensive tour of their breeding grounds at Klamath Marsh National Wildlife Refuge. A bird we thought we’d missed out on


The rest of the day was spent visiting several of the lakes in the East Cascades. We added a dozen or so Oregon ticks, including another GABRAT trip tick – Barrow’s Goldeneye. The scenery was superb, once you’re clear of the monotonous pine forests along Hwy 97 that is.

Davis Lake, with the snow-capped Cascade Mountains behind



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