Day 48 – Keeping our peckers up


Grab shot of our only new pecker today, the aptly named Willamson’s Sapsucker

We set off early from our ‘touch of luxury’ condo on the Eagle Crest Golf Course – we’ve got a whole floor of bedrooms and bathrooms we’re not using, for the delightful town of Sisters, in pursuit of woodpeckers. But a hard day in the field produced just four species, only one of which was new. Still, there’s always tomorrow! We did an early afternoon stint at Calliope Crossing – seeing both male and female Calliope Hummingbird which, after our woodpecker debacle, was something of a relief. An unexpected bonus came with the discovery of the wildlife delights of Black Butte Ranch – a privately run golf course and exclusive housing development. The nature trail was excellent, giving close-up views of some decent birds.

Other new birds for the trip, USA and World lists included, Calliope Hummingbird 


and Fox Sparrow – another grab shot I’m afraid


Afternoon at Black Butte Ranch provided superb scenery and close-up views of water birds. The nature reserve, adjacent to the golf course – both in the shadow of more snow-capped mountains


We’ve seen Wilson’s Phalarope in several States, but never this close before


I missed Sora in California, nice to see it so well in Oregon


Tomorrow, keeping our peckers up, we’re back on the trail of those elusive woodpeckers.

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One comment on “Day 48 – Keeping our peckers up

  1. John Hurst says:

    Be proud in your absence! A wonderful social evening in Aylmeton Village Hall. A full house of wonderful people just chatting and nibbling. Carol deserves a special treat from the club for running the show single handed. Looks like you are not far behind Ron Johns on the world list !
    I managed my UK 200 this year with WWBTern at Burnham Overy and Greenish W at Titchwell (both of which Andy saw before buzzing off to China!)
    Love the Sora photo – mine was on Scilly – can’t afford to go any further!
    Got my Felbrigg Birds Book and chuffed the watercolour is featured.
    Keep the blog going – safe trip home.

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